Selling Microsoft Cloud Solutions Expensive and with No Discounts

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We are inviting you on the 17th of August 9:30 AM to attend our free sales workshop

“Selling Microsoft Cloud Solutions Expensive and with No Discounts”

— You managers are facing challenges when selling Microsoft cloud solutions to “ordinary” customers?
— They do not know how to present benefits to sell them expensive and with no discounts to business owners and top managers who are not experts in IT?
— Do you wish to get the effective technology to increase sales of these solutions considerably by using your sales team’s resources?

Then register and take part in the workshop
Selling Microsoft Cloud Solutions Expensive and with No Discounts

You will get “translation” of technical features of IT solutions into the language of benefits for owners and decision makers rather than IT specialists, to sell more and faster.

Plus an exclusive bonus! (see info below)

Target audience of the workshop (who will gain maximum benefit):

— Heads of sales departments
— Business directors
— Company owners
— Project managers
— Product managers
— Lead sellers

Issues to be discussed at the workshop:

— Why sales of Microsoft cloud solutions are not growing as fast as you want them to.
— What obstacles sellers face, and how they can be overcome quickly.
— What negotiating skills your sellers have are already obsolete, and how they can be “rebooted” to make sales grow.
— How to successfully sell many complex cloud solutions to “ordinary” customers who are not experts in IT and their terms.


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Speaker at the workshop:

Valery Glubochenko.

— Practical negotiator entering into contracts worth millions.
— Golden Sales Trainer 2013 and 2015 according to B2B Master Conference.
— One of the best negotiation trainers and one of founders of the training market in Ukraine.
— Creator of Sales Master, the negotiating system and training technology that competes with the best world equivalents. He has also created several KNOW HOW in the area of negotiations and training of negotiators.
— Valery’s events have been attended by 25,000 people.
— Trained at seminars and trainings in Ukraine and abroad.
— Trained by international business trainers: Mark de Julio, Patrick Valtin (U-MAN Consulting Company, Belgium) and Michael Bang (International School of Sales, England).
— Holding a certificate of completion of the special seminar on training of Performia CIS Advisors.
— Visited almost all the continents of the Earth, and attended all new seven Wonders of the World.
— IT companies Valery has worked with: Microsoft, Navigator, Hewlett-Packard, Incom, AMI, Mgid, BGS-Solutions, Seagate Ukraine, E-com, Ciklum, GlobalLogic, Data Group, Liga Zakon, System Group and many others.


Two participation formats:

Offline and online.

Please select your participation format when registering.


Microsoft Office, 75, Zhylianska Str., Kyiv

Attention! Seats are limited! Register now for guaranteed participation.


17 August 2017

Duration and time

two hours, from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Registration from 09:30 a.m.

Exclusive BONUS for registered participants. Access to the most advanced and modern negotiation training technology.

After the workshop, all registered participants will have online access to the negotiation simulator with a virtual customer to learn how to sell Microsoft cloud solutions.


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